Brecht Palombo – How a Non-Technical Founder Built a 6 Figure SaaS App Using Only Free Public Data Sources – MicroConf 2013

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Speaker: Brecht Palombo (@distressedpro)


  • Started Real Estate Auction Business in October 2006
  • Started Real Estate Brokerage right before the bubble in August 2007
  • Until your back’s up against the wall you never know yourself that much at all.

3 Keys that got me to $100k

  1. Open up – make most of your content available to everyone
  2. Niche, Niche, Niche 
    No: “real estate investing”
    Yes: “list of banks in Alabama with REO”
  3. Teach – 62 % of conversions come from free email course

2 Big Mistakes

  • Distracted by shiny objects
    • Random Affiliate Niche Site
    • Discovered twilio
  • Fire Bad Contractors Quickly


  • best way: Goals

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About Christoph

Christoph lives in Munich, Germany and is bootstrapping his own SaaS application as a part-time entrepreneur.

He likes to write on this blog about anything of relevance to single-founder bootstrapped software startups.


  1. I liked his MVP too 

    1. Get the data manually as CSV

    2. Mail Merge with template document to create output

    3. Sell It!

    Until this sells, there's no point building technology to process the data, so it's all done by hand, and need minimal technical skills to launch

    • itengelhardt says

      Oh yeah. That was pretty awesome, Tom. He’s had some really smart ideas on his path to success!

  2. SaaS niches can support a lot of $100K/mo companies. I took a look at one in my blog today:


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