Jody Burgess – Dude. Marketing is not your thing – MicroConf 2013

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Speaker: Jody Burgess (@jodyburgess)

  • What is Marketing?
    • 4 Ps (marketing mix)
      • Product
      • Price
      • Promotion
      • Place


  1. Set and follow some basic rules
    1. If it is close to customer OR drives revenue, keep it in house
    2. Stay general early. Specialize later
    3. Hire responsibly. Don’t hire-n-kill
    4. Manage outsourcing
  2. Align your tactics
  3. Evaluate your options based on fit, key to success and skills needed to make tactic work (Example: PR needs Time, commitment and the skills of a sales hunter)
    1. PR through contractor or not at all
    2. Social Media through contractor or not at all
  4. Stay Focused (Refer back to your alignment chart every time a new idea comes up)

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