Get Clients Now! Cheat Sheet – Chapter 2

These are my notes for Chapter 2 of "Get Clients Now!" by C.J. Hayden.

I hope you find some value in reading through those notes. If so, please let me know in the comments!


"You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream; you've got to get out there and make it happen for yourself" Diana Ross

The Universal Marketing Cycle

4 Stages of the Universal Marketing Cycle:

  • Filling The Pipeline
  • Following Up
  • Getting Presentations
  • Closing Sales

Most important step: Following Up! (analogy: you need to water your plants – seeding them is not enough)

  • Consulting sales cycle takes usually months to complete
  • Self-Promotion serves your clients – You need to tell them the good stuff!

Choosing Where to Focus

Ask yourself the questions in each of the categories. If you answer 'yes' to any of the questions, you need to focus on this section of the Universal Marketing Cycle

Filing The Pipeline

  • Are you brand new in business?
  • If you sat down to call every lead you currently have, would you be through before lunch?
  • Have you personally followed up with every prospect on your list within the past 30 days?
  • Are you not contacting the prospects you have because you already know they don't need you or can't afford you?
  • Are you in business where it is inappropriate to contact prospects and you're not getting enough inquiries?

Following Up

  • Do you have a drawer full of business cards from people you have met but have not spoken to since?
  • Have colleagues handed you leads who you've not gotten around to calling?
  • Are there prospects who said no or didn't return your initial call who you haven't contacted in the past three months?
  • Do you have a wide network of personal contacts with whom you never talk business?
  • Are these people you haven't been in touch with who inquired about your services in the past, but weren't quite ready or didn't have the funds?

Getting Presentations

  • Do you follow up with prospective clients consistently but ccan't seem to get an intial meeting?
  • Do people refuse to take your call or brush you off quickly when you do get through to them?
  • Are all your prospects already working with a competitor – or at least that's what they say?
  • Does everyone you contact seem to think that what you do is too expensive, will take too much time or is just not for them?

Closing Sales

  • Are you regularly getting to the presentation stage, but don't seem to close enough sales?
  • Do your prospects seem to be going through the motions of allowing you to present, but have no serious interest?
  • Are you encountering objection after objection that prevents the sale from going through?
  • Do you often conclude the presentation and still don't know where the client stands?

What Needs The Most Work?

  • If you are not sure, choose "Filling the pipeline"
  • Pick only ONE (even if you feel you have two or more areas)

What Strategies Should You Choose?

within each category the strategies are ordered from most to least effective

Filling The Pipeline

  • Direct Contact & Following Up
  • Networking and Referral Building
  • No more than one or two of the following
    • Public speaking
    • Writing and publicity
    • Promotional events
    • Advertising

Following Up

  • Direct Contact & Following Up
  • Netowrking and Referral Building

Getting Presentations

  • Direct Contact & Following Up
  • Networking and Referral Building
  • no more than one or two of the following
    • Public speaking
    • Writing and publicity
    • Promotional events

Closing Sales

  • Direct Contact & Following Up
  • Networking and Referral Building
  • no more than one of the following
    • Public Speaking
    • Writing and publicity

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