Josh Ledgard – MicroConf 2013

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Speaker: Josh Ledgard (@joshaledgard)

  • 989 customers after 1 month –> $10 revenue (Q: “What are you going to spend your $5 on?” A: “Coke and Hookers!”)
  • Even if you are NOT seeking investment, go talk to investors. They will tell you the “10 things that are wrong with your business idea”
  • 10 hours on Quora resulted in $35,000 of sales for KickoffLabs
  • “Customers have also bought…” – Your customers have other problems! Help them solve those problems with cross-selling
  • The bar set by other companies in areas such as customer support is ridiculously low
  • Get Personal (Josh checked every single of the first 500 created landing pages and made suggestions to improve them!)
  • Nothing spells “I value my customers” quite as much as getting an email from “no-reply@”
  • “Choose your customers over your code”
  • Integrate a progress bar on your website: “Help us get to 500 customers!” – Add share buttons – PROFIT!
  • at 500+ customers: Amplify your roaring fans (use testimonials, tell people to tell their friends)
  • Long Startup time / slow performance dramatically kills whole user experience

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