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Patrick McKenzie (Patio11) is giving out great advice in his newsletters (You probably knew that part already). But did you ever end up in the situation where you thought “Damn it! Patrick wrote about that topic a while back.. now where is that newsletter?”. Yet  you couldn’t find the right one in your inbox or maybe you lost all of them because your HDD crashed.

Well, I surely did. But since I can view all the newsletter on the web, I’ll start an archive for all the greatness that is Patrick’s newsletter.

Thanks to Matthew Lehner for letting me know there is already an archive page online. I’ll keep mine up so you guys have a small summary for each email

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Christoph lives in Munich, Germany and is bootstrapping his own SaaS application as a part-time entrepreneur.

He likes to write on this blog about anything of relevance to single-founder bootstrapped software startups.


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