3 Emails to Boost Your MRR – Christoph Engelhardt – MicroConf Europe 2016

The MicroConf Europe 2016 Talk Recaps can be found on the central hub page.

Website: SaaSEmailMarketing.net
Twitter: @itengelhardt
Slides: http://saasemailmarketing.net/microconf-slides.pdf

  • Good E-Mail Habits
    • Personalize your message
      • Use their name in the emails
      • Use the name in the main content
    • Always follow up
      • If it’s worth sending it once, it’s probably worth sending it a 2nd time
      • For example: Re-Send this to people who did not open the first one
  • 3 Email to boost your MRR
    • Signup Abandonment Emails
      • 2-Step Signup
        • 60% stop at Credit Card info
        • You have their email address from step 1
        • Send them e-mails
        • ~10% lift in conversion rate
        • Offer a free trial without credit card requirement if they don’t sign up after the first e-mail
    • Trial Extension Emails
      • Typical user: signs up, toys around a bit, becomes inactive
      • Should you charge or should you let them go?
      • Offer them to extend their trial!
      • (You can do this manually, just ask them to respond and extend the trial by hand)
    • Value Demonstration Emails
      • Churn is a major problem for most SaaS business
      • Users don’t recognize the value they’re getting out of your product
      • Find a correlation between your key metric and dollar amount
        • “Prevented 13 no-shows results in $910 revenue”
        • “You’ve invoiced $5,000 in the past week. You’re paying us $49… your ROI is amazing!”
      • Ideally customers can print it and go to their boss and get promoted because of the great tool they introduced
  • Check out the book: SaaS Email Marketing

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About Christoph

Christoph lives in Munich, Germany and is bootstrapping his own SaaS application as a part-time entrepreneur.

He likes to write on this blog about anything of relevance to single-founder bootstrapped software startups.


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