Brennan Dunn – The Long-Tail Sale – MicroConf 2013

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Speaker: Brennan Dunn (@brennandunn)

Slides on Speakerdeck (embedding does not work – if you know how to fix it, please let me know)

The Happy Path of Sales

  1.  Google Search Results
  2. Landing Page
  3. Signup (& Profit $$$)
  • The “Happy Path of Sales” is extremely high friction
  • Initially CPA > LTV


Increase Trust & Lower Friction

  • Trust (“Who are you, and why do you want my money?”)
    • Best way to establish trust: OVER-deliver on value
    • Teach them something that helps them (Ex: teach them to be better freelancers and increase rates)
  • Friction
    • caused by:
      • Sign up
      • Setup my account
      • Get familiar with the product
      • Invite team & explain the product to them – and why we need the product
      • OMG throw a real project at this and pray I don’t embarrass myself
    • When anyone is trying to sell you anything, we’re looking for any excuse to bail. You have to overcome objections

New Funnel

  1. Freelancer’s Weekly (Newsletter)
  2. Double Your Freelancing Rate ($49)
  3. The Blueprint ($49 – $249)
  4. Consultancy masterclass (live workshop, $1,199)
  5. Planscope (SaaS)

Metrics of the New Funnel

  • CPC 2.10 with LinkedIn ads
  • 40% conversion –> $5.25 per subscriber
  • List of 4,507
  • drove $230,876 in revenue
  • = $51.22 (10x) per subscriber

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