Cameron Keng – Taxes for SaaS – MicroConf 2013

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Speaker: Cameron Keng (@cameronkeng)

  • When you loose money, claim your tax refund
    • I lost $20,000
    • asked for tax refund
    • got $10,000 refunded
    • re-invested money into the next business idea
  • Failure should not stop you, keep soldiering on
  • “And then I said: Pay taxes? What am I…. poor?”
  • Online sales tax is coming – 27 states currently require you to pay them Amazon style


  • You should never incorporate, except:
    • Is there liability?
    • Is there profit?
    • Is there investment?
  • pass-through vs. corps
    • Generally, corps suck
    • Pass-throughs are cool
  • tax credits & deductions
    • R&D tax credits (this is great, because we are all developing software – right?)
    • Domestic production activities deduction

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