How to write email courses – Jacob Funnell – MicroConf Europe 2015 Talk Recap

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Key Takeaways

  • Pick a small topic you can cover thoroughly
  • Make the user better with each email
  • Be supportive personal and confident


Talk Recap

  • 5 day course: “Homeworking in Brighton”
    • only has 3 emails (!!) – half-finished
    • still converts!

How to write an email course

  • Picking a course topic
    1. Everything oyu know about a topic != what you can reasonably teach someone in a week
    2. Example: “Speak in a Week”
      1. Seven-day course
      2. Objective: have a conversation at the end of the week
      3. Solve one problem ==> people think you’re good at solving other problems (Halo Effect)
  • Make the reader a better person
    • Example: Brennan Dunn “Charge What You’re Worth”
      • Gets readers to ask questions in a worksheet
      • Focuses reader on problem
    • Example “Serve Mastery”
      • Asks readers to respond to initial email
      • Increases reader’s investment
  • Tell people something useful
    • Write things that a user can act on
    • Don’t cram everything into an email
  • Course is about more than knowledge – come across as a genuine person
    • Tell stories about your own struggle
    • encourage people to add you on Twitter/Facebook
    • Don’t be timid about giving advice – AVOID underconfidence

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