Nathan Barry – Zero to $5,000/month – MicroConf 2013

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Speaker: Nathan Barry

  • eBook revenue curve is essentially one short spike and then rapidly approaches zero (at best a low plateau)

Webapp Challenge

  • rules
    • start without an idea
    • build to $5,000/month in MRR
    • 6 month deadline
    • only spend $5,000 of my own money
    • only work on it 20 hours a week

Lessons Learned

  1. Teaching is the best form marketing
  2. Only sell to a market you have something to teach
  3. It’s not customer validation till you have their credit card
    1. “That is a cool idea” IS NOT ENOUGH
    2. “I would probably buy that” IS NOT ENOUGH
    3. “I would pre-order that” IS NOT ENOUGH
  4. Being your own customer is wonderful
  5. Transparency works
  6. Focus on making your customers successful

Current Success Level

  • $1,513 monthly recurring revenue
  • 32 paying customers

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