Ryan Delk – Beating the Revenue Cliff: How to Drive Ongoing Product Revenue – MicroConf Europe 2014

The MicroConf Europe 2014 Hub Page has notes on all the talks and additional information.

Webseite: Gumroad.com
Twitter: @delk
Slides: here

Revenue Cliff

  • All digital products produce 90% of revenue in first 2-3 weeks
  • Applies to digital products across all genres and industries

Evergreen Content

  • Produce great content that will be great for years to come
  • Josh Kaufman does great content marketing
  • content needs to be:
    • valuable
    • free
    • shareable
    • similar

keep your content relevant

  • you need to update it every once in a while
  • e.g. Discover Meteor¬†– $250,000 sales at 26.81% conversion rate
  • Every update to the book created a spike in sales
  • Drip email campaign
    • very long-term, regular, valuable content
    • binary outcome: They buy the book or they unsubscribe

Have Tiered Pricing

  • Have multiple price points / tiers
    • allows you to upsell and increase LTV

Cross Promotion

  • Brennan Dunn does that well with his products (Book, masterclass, SaaS)
  • Develop an ecosystem (products for the same audience)

Questions & Answers

  • Do cross promotion on email lists of partners

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