How to Work with Remote Workers – Roman Rudnik – MicroConf Europe 2016

The MicroConf Europe 2016 Talk Recaps can be found on the central hub page.

Twitter: @rudni4ok


  • How to make your remote work successful
    • Speak with the staff about the disadvantages of remote work
  • Use tools for remote workers
    • on trust-basis
      • e.g. Excel
    • Autocontrol
      • Desktime, Yaware
      • Pros: Automation
      • Cons: designed to count the time in general, inconvenient to keep records of the tasks completed
    • Big Brother
      • UpWork Client, TimeDoctor, Tahometer
      • Pros: Clear picture of employee, manager knows everything including screenshots during work
      • Cons: It is necessary to control oneself and not to forget to switch between tasks
  • Write job descriptions/standards
  • Implement 5 minute-meetings
  • make 20% of salary dependent on proper behavior
    • “screw-ups” (e.g. not showing up for meetings) result in some salary being taken away
  • Do all your work in Dropbox

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