Jaimee Gilbertson – Talk Recap FemtoConf 2019

Website: FEInternational.com
Twitter: @jmegilbertson

A Successful Exit: 4 Lessons from hundreds of millions in deals

  • Universal truth: “We are all going to leave our business someday.”
    • retirement
    • want to start something new
  • Document everything
    • Metrics
    • Track financials
  • Test, test, test
    • remove single points of failure
    • Still thriving in 10 years
  • listen to those who pay you the most
    • build for your biggest customers
  • Sell while you’re still growing
  • Exit before you become stagnant

What is a business worth?

  • Multiple of Seller Discretionary Earnings (SDE)
  • SaaS: 3-6x annual SDE
  • Content: 2-4x annual SDE
  • E-commerce: 2-4x annual SDE

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