How I Tripled My Windows Software Revenue In 3 Days – Anders Thue Pedersen – MicroConf Europe 2015 Talk Recap

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Talk Recap

  • I was really bad running a business for the first 11 years – got better in the last 6 years
    • The most destructive force in the universe – besides the Death Star – is shame
    • MicroConf changed it for me!
      • Expanding the comfort zone
      • Sense of belonging
  • shame resilience
    • Dave Collins talking about TSR Watermark Image before teardown: “Finally a really crappy website”
    • Cleaned up the website
    • Removed the free version
    • Improved the copy
    • Went from $300/week to $900/week
    • Changes done in one evening AT MicroConf
  • Why did I not do that before?
    • Requires knowledge
    • Requires courage and shame resilience
    • Requires you to reach out and say help
  • Last day of MicroConf / Takeaways
    • Split ego and product/business
    • Started failing, stopped being a failure
    • Kept raising my hand asking for help
  • Today:
    • 150 sales/month
    • $4500 revenue/mo
    • 5 minutes support /day
    • 2 hours of coding /month

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