Memorable Quotes from MicroConf 2013

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Most Memorable Quotes Of MicroConf 2013

I am a big fan of quotes and MicroConf 2013 delivered its fair share of those. So without further ado:

“It is my fault. I can’t even blame my employees, because I don’t have any”Rob Walling

“Nobody wants to buy software. People want to buy outcomes: software is just a means to the end.” – Brennan Dunn

“Cash is king. Annual prepay is God.”Jason Cohen

“You don’t want to be in a feature war with another product. You want something that can be finished.”Jason Cohen

“Predictable acquisition of recurring revenue with annual prepay in a good market creates a cash machine.”Jason Cohen

“The Iron Law of the market: Markets that don’t exist, don’t care how smart you are.”Josh Kaufman

“It doesn’t matter how valuable the thing you created is if people don’t know you exist.”Josh Kaufman

“Collecting email addresses is a next best step to taking money for validation: nobody who won’t give email will ever pay you. “Patrick McKenzie paraphrasing Josh Kaufman

“EVERY speaker at MicroConf is in B2B (that should tell you something)”Jason Cohen

“If customers didn’t like long-form copy then people wouldn’t buy from them.”Joanna Wiebe

“Copywriting 101: Replace WE with YOU”Joanna Wiebe

“If a metric won’t change how you behave, it’s a bad metric.”Ben Yoskovitz

“Discovering correlation lets you predict the future. Discovering causation lets you CHANGE the future.”Ben Yoskovitz

“If you get featured on the App Store, it will change your life… for two weeks.”Patrick Thompson

“I had a problem and decided to use Java to solve it.” “Now I have a ProblemFactory”Rob Walling trying to silence the crowd

“Housekeeper is cheaper than therapist; Therapist is cheaper than divorce.”Sherry Walling handing out actionable advice on business with a family

“Don’t internationalize until you max out English / your native market.”Rob Walling

“You should increase your pricing based on the value your customer is receiving.”Rob Walling

“If you’re in doubt, ask for credit card up front.”Rob Walling

“The harder I work the luckier I get.”Rob Walling

“Doing things that don’t scale — awesome idea at times”Erica Douglass

“Free consultation/integration for any customer at $100+ a month is incredible sales and customer dev tool.”Erica Douglass

“Being frugal doesn’t help you grow your business.”Erica Douglass

“You are not your customer”Erica Douglass

“Make your customers look good in the eyes of their customers”Erica Douglass

“Be brave. Charge more + deliver experience to match. Do what others can’t /won’t. Do what doesn’t scale at the start.”Erica Douglass

“Lesson 1: never give money to an SEO guy.”Dave Collins as he takes $20 from attendee

“Dont write content for Google, write content for visitors.”Dave Collins

“Customer Development: If you ask questions in the wrong way, you get bad data that leads you in the wrong direction.”Hiten Shah

“How you get to the customer is as important, if not more, than what you get to the customer”Hiten Shah

“Hypothesis Framework:
Our hypothesis is that a (certain type of person) have a problem doing (certain type of task).”
Hiten Shah

“The more I help you, the more you will trust me.”Nathan Barry

“Sales is a learned skill and a process. Always iterate on your sales pitch.”Mike Taber

“First impressions will dominate regardless of how often it is contradicted by new experiences.”Mike Taber

“People don’t buy software, they buy solutions to problems.”Mike Taber

“Experience might be the best teacher, but the tuition rates are really high”Mike Taber

“Teaching is the best form of marketing. Only sell to a market you have something to teach.”Nathan Barry

“It’s not customer validation until you have their credit card”Nathan Barry

“By increasing trust and lowering friction, it increases the odds that somebody becomes a customer.”Brennan Dunn

“The way to establish trust is to over-deliver value.”Brennan Dunn

“When somebody is trying to sell you something, you look for any excuse to bail.”Brennan Dunn

“Everybody should go home and implement an email mini-course.”Unknown; from twitter via Patrick McKenzie

“You may go through 4 or 5 accountants [before you find a good one]. That’s normal”Cameron Keng

“Income is one thing. Taking 3 months off for your wedding and not losing income is something else entirely.”Patrick McKenzie

“Lifetime email sequences after customer relationship starts can dramatically increase retention”Patrick McKenzie

“if you’re providing monetary value to your customer, email them regularly. Remind them in dollars. Get them promoted”Patrick McKenzie

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  1. Fred Guth says

    Hi Christoph,
    do you remember what when did Rob Walling said: “Don’t internationalize until you max out English / your native market.” . Was it in his HitTail presentation?

    P.S. Nice coverage of MicroConf, really enjoyed!

    • Christoph says

      Hi Fred,

      thanks a lot! I really enjoyed writing the notes.

      I think Rob dropped that in his HitTail presentation. I could be wrong here, but I’d say it was during his talk.



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