Sherry Walling – Don’t Burn Up in the Launch – MicroConf 2013

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Speaker: Sherry Walling (@zenfounder)

Notable quotes:
I don’t have an app…. And I track different metrics

I am the Co-Founder of the Walling Family


  • We had so many opportunities, we had a baby, we had so much success
  • We still were at a point where we talked about splitting up

3 Lessons Learned

  • Manage Anxiety
    • It is unavoidable
    • It is useful (It helps you focus and channel your energy)
    • It can be deadly
    • Entrepreneurs (+ spouses) are far more likely to be treaded with anxiety medication
    • Yerkes-Dodson Law = moderate arousal is ideal for performance
    • High arousal (stress) damages creativity, concentration, problem-solving and communication skills
    • Immediate Action Steps:
      • Notice it
      • Breathe
      • Keep track of what is going well
      • Eliminate unnecessary stressors
      • Get support (partner, mastermind group, therapist)
      • Take care of yourself (Sleep, nutrition and exercise are not negotiable)
  • Communicate
    • Weekly huddle
    • Emotions are contagious (your spouse / partner suffers just as much as you do)
    • Re-Assess:
      • Resources
      • Vision
      • Roles
      • Expectations
  • Invest in your relationship (You want to be with people you love, if you don’t invest in them, they’ll be gone when you are finally successful)

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