The 1-hour UI Audit – Jane Portman – MicroConf Europe 2015 Talk Recap

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Talk Recap

  • Your app/website design is damocles sword hanging over your head: Always threatening, but you never have time
  • Top 4 Design Hazards
    • User doesn’t want your product
    • user fails to sign up
    • user fails to get started
    • user fails to reach his goals
  • 3 modules, 20 minutes each
    • functionality
    • layout
    • style
  • Functionality
    • List the goals
      • Who are your ideal customers?
      • What is their big goal when they sign up?
      • What are their long-term goals, business or personal?
    • List the tasks
      • Primary: What tasks do the users perform daily? What is their daily routine for achieving that big goal?
      • Secondary: What unique tasks are performed from time to time?
    • Extract the objects
      • Work through your tasks from previous step, and list all nouns.
      • Chances are your main menu will list the same objects
    • Define the language
      • Work through list of tasks and objects
    • Classify Existing Screens
      • Primary: items in main menu & first-level descendants
    • Audit each Screen
      • List tasks & objects for each screen
      • Ideal Screen Checklist
        • one big title
        • just one list of objects
        • one prominent task (other tasks subtle)
        • clean corners
        • obvious navigation
    • Now work with the results
      • polish the language
      • split complex screens
      • Group elements in horizontal blocks
      • Polish experience for primary tasks
  • Keep your product crispy
    • simple apps are easier to use, build & sell.

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