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Personalised CTAs: happier users, more conversions

  • There are 5,000 advertising messages a day thrown at us
    • We recognise 50
    • We remember 4
  • Important filter questions:
    • “Is this right for me?”
    • Can this help me?”
  • Personalization should be based on intent, knowledge level, etc.
  • Instead it is based on the first name

3 things that you can do next week that will make your CTAs more relevant so they convert better and your users are happier

  • When you click through to a website from a link in their newsletter, don’t show a CTA that say “signup for newsletter”
    • Adjust CTA based on where people are in your funnel
    • Has never heard of you? “Signup for Newsletter”
    • Is on the newsletter? “Buy my book”
    • Bought the book? “Buy coaching”
  • “I am a ____________ and I need your help with __________”
  • “I work in retail and I need your help with increasing average order value.”
  • Things you can segment on:
    • What are you struggling with right now?
    • What excites you most about [thing we do]?
    • Why are you intersted in [product]?
    • How much do you know already about [product/problem]?
    • When are you looking to make a decision?
    • How do you solve [problem] at the moment?
    • What industry are you in?
    • What’s your job role?
  • Actions:
    • Lead magnets
    • Webinars
    • Purchases
  • Surveys
  • Trigger links

What if you don’t know what your segments should be?

  • Ask what people are hoping to get out of signing up for your email list
  • Great place for that is the “Thank you” page
  • put everything into a spreadsheet and you’ll learn what your segments are

Describe the same thing differently based on their who/why

  • Address people as Freelancers, Freelance Writers, Design agencies, Freelance designers, etc.
  • e.g. car buyers:
    • “I care about safety” – Highlight safety features
    • “I care about price” – Highlight what a steal this is
  • Niching without actually niching
    • E.g. your tool integrates with Paypal, Stripe and Braintree, change copy to Paypal/Stripe/Braintree if you know what a visitor uses

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  1. These are some great notes, thanks for sharing Chris!

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